Digital Tool Shed
Navigating your online marketing.
Google Workspace | Business Email Address
Gmail has a professional business email service (Business Email meaning it ends with not Before you set this up, you'll need to check the Domain Name you require is available. Ideally purchase your domain through Google Workspace when setting up your business email so everything is together.​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Leadpages | Website Builder
A common mistake I often see is businesses owners driving traffic to their website using online tactics such as social media and Pay Per Click advertising, yet their website is not setup in a way to convert them to customers. Customers are landing on the website, but still not taking action.
This is why we use Leadpages, their platform is built with a single purpose to turn your visitors in to paying customers. Their training and guidance works in sync with my approach, so there is no confusion. Not to mention they have the best UX/UI to manage website updates.​​​​​​​
Active Campaign | Email Marketing Automation
Relationships = Interactions over time. So you’re going to build a stronger relationship with customers the more interactions you have with them over a longer period of time, this is how trust is gained. Don’t build a relationship and you'll fall back into an ocean of competition where the consumers decision-making process comes down to price and you'll be working with customers that are not a good fit for your business.
Freeagent | UK Accounting, Simplified 
During my first 3-4 years in business I always struggled with my accounts and book-keeping. After testing several platforms, I finally found FreeAgent. An accounting software that displays everything in a simplified way and in real time. No concerns or scary tax bills! I know everything financially in my business in real time. As a Sole Trader you can submit your own books direct from within the platform to HMRC and you can hire accountants from within the platform.
Podia | Online Course Creation
To be extremely successful as a service-based business I believe you need to package your services to be purchased 'like a product'. This has been proven multiple times in multiple industries. There are three levels to deliver a 'service product': 1) Done For You = You doing the work // 2) Done With You = Coaching // 3) Do It Yourself = Consulting
In most scenarios when you transition to coaching or consulting you move from a traditional website to an educational platform. Podia is an incredible platform to deliver courses and memberships.
Internet Business School | Marketing Courses
I have a diploma in Internet Marketing, I achieved this by attending a three day accredited diploma course. I attended the course having been in the industry since the early days of the web. This course was so informative i've now attended twice just to keep on top with the ever changing landscape of internet marketing. No prior knowledge is required, you can literally go from beginner to expert over a weekend.
Keyword Planner | If Google was a library, Keywords are the topics of book. Understand what topics are searched and make sure your book can be found.
Google Trends | Explore what the worlds searching.
Buyer Persona | Create a customer profile your company can serve better.​​​​​​​
Customer Journey | Plan every step of your customer and refine rapidly.​​​​​​​
Google Voice | A smart phone number.​​​​​​​
Streak | Manage leads from your G-Suite account.
Rebump | Automated follow-up messages for G-Suite. Bump your emails to the top.
Termsfeed | Software to generate legal documents. Privacy Policy / T&Cs.
Website Grader | Basic website audit to improve performance.
Freelancer Rates | A guide to the rates you should expect to be paying creatives.
Adobe Creative Cloud | My main creative tools.
Toptal | Web Pattern & texture backgrounds.
Adobe Colour | Create colour palettes, browse thousands of colour combinations.
Adobe Stock Photos | Licence photographs or use for inspiration.
Image Compressor | Reduce your image file size to use on the web.
Brands Of The World | Download global brands logos in vector format.

To Text | Extract text from images and PDF files.
Font Combinations | Find the perfect Font combination.
The Noun Project | The worlds visual language, a diverse collection of icons.
KernType | A letter spacing game. Improve your kerning skills & tag me your score.
WEBSITE | Find out who owns the website.
Built With | Find out what programmes were used to build a website.
HTML Conversion | Convert text into HTML.
Localizer | Translate your website to any language
Web Capture | Full page website screen grab.
Google Analytics | Find out who, where and how many people visit your website.
Inspectlet | Record visitors on your website. See how they navigate.
SEOptimer | Advanced website grader audit.

Google My Business | Business listing in Google Local Search Maps.
Moz Local | Check your local directory listings for consistency.
SEO Quake | A Powerful SEO Tool for your browser.
SEM Rush | Analyze every digital step of your competitors and outperform them.
Answer The Public | What Customers Want. (Use this tool for blog topics.)
Quora | Guest Blog! More powerful than blogging on your own website.
Posirank | Fully managed SEO services.

Adobe Spark Post | Create impactful social graphics fast and on brand.
Later | Plan a month of social posts in advance.
Link Tree | Connect audiences to all of your content with a single link.
Dux-Soup | The smarter way to generate new business using LinkedIn​​​​​​​.

Hunter | Find the email address you require.
Heepsy | Search influencers to promote you.
PURL's | Easily create beautiful Personalised URL's.